Pixel Gun 3D Review For The First-Timer And Pro Alike

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Pixel Gun Review

For me, mobile games are always sources of entertainment that has a punch of intelligence packed with some fun and action to sit back and enjoy delighting the mind. Each game has a unique graphic quality that adds to the style of the game. When the Pixel Gun 3D was released, the first thing that attracted my attention and made me curious about it is it’s boxy layout reminding me of the Minecraft. The game, however, comes from a different developer the RiliSoft that has only carried over the boxy graphic in the game that give the players a unique sense of being attracted to something that is left obscure.

Gets the player engaged

No player is likely to fall short of expectations when it comes to the game layout with the interesting settings in which the gameplay takes place. There are also story outlines that are related to the enemies that give the players to get engaged in the action that has a purpose and meaning. It is surely a First Person Shooting game with plenty of variety in action, the range of enemies to overcome and also the ammo that are made use of during the fast shooting spree.

For the single player

To this effect, there are different playing modes in the game that gave me the opportunity to enjoy the single player’s Survival Campaign where I was the lone one to battle the hordes of zombies descending from nowhere. The face to face experience was one of the finest as the FPS that helped me sharpen my reflexes even better. These apart, each level had different enemies to deal with until arriving before the boss enemy of the particular level. The next battlefield opens up when he is annihilated for good. The game surely calls for a fast attack mounted on the enemies to keep them from overpowering the player.

Help for the first-timer

Not everyone like me is a pro player of the FPS games, but the game surely has an easy to play approach such that the game can be played even by the fresher. There is a training camp for the new players with the graphics explained in more details so that the eye gets accustomed to it by the time the player reaches the independent playing mode. The tutorials help learning the about the survival lanes and passages when trapped without a way out. This tutorial is nothing but the pixel gun 3d hack because it reveals lots of information and guidelines about the game if you read and learns it carefully.

A cool companion

There are some cool graphic features like the dynamic light for the day and night effects, color options that can help in customizing the screen. With each level of gameplay, you can choose from the amazing range of ammo that will help you in blasting the enemy apart. The strength of the enemy and the ammo has to be in coordination, and the game pops up the message of the appropriate ammo that is needed for the level. Apart from the fact that some people have reported the occasional slow play of the game, the technical part too goes well on most players’ mobiles making it a powerhouse of enjoyment unlimited.…